What makes a Fatboy a Fatboy?

So the Fatboy series by Liberty Safe has caught your attention, huh? Whether it be its interesting name or kickass design, you can be sure the Fatboy won’t let you down. As an easy favorite for anyone with an avid gun collection, Liberty’s Fatboy series (specifically the Fatboy Extreme 64) may surprise you with how much further its use actually extends. Keep reading to see how the Fatboy lives up to its name.

A common misconception for consumers is that a gun safe is meant for guns and a home safe is meant for everything else. Well, that’s simply not true. Home safes are designed more for maximizing features and space...and although a gun safe’s interior will support firearm storage, you can still get all the amenities needed to protect other valuable items as well. Even though the Fatboy series is geared more toward firearm storage, a lot of customers utilize the three-sectioned interior of the Fatboy Extreme 64 and Fatboy Jr. Extreme as a way to organize other valuables as well. 

So what makes each model unique?

Within the Fatboy series by Liberty, you can get three different models...The Fatboy Jr Extreme, Fatboy Jr. XL, and the Fatboy Extreme 64. Each model brings something unique to the table with size, features, and price. All Fatboy safes come standard with… 

  • 12 gauge steel
  • Roll-form body
  • Triple layer drill protection
  • 4 sided locking bolt coverage
  • 75-110 min fire-rating
  • Factory installed door panel
  • Adjustable flex interior
  • UL listed electronic lock
  • Electrical outlet

What makes these safes unique is their capacity, dimensions, and interior designs… again, more geared toward a gun owner with an ample or growing collection. For example, the Fatboy Jr. Extreme is the smallest in the Fatboy series, yet it is still a 48 capacity safe. If you are comparing its size to similar capacity safes, you will find that the Fatboy Jr. Extreme will give you better security features and fire-rating than it’s cheaper (but similar in size) USA 48.

If you are sold on the feature and design of the Fatboy Jr. Extreme, but you simply need more gun capacity, the Fatboy Jr. XL is the safe for you. It has similar dimensions with increased depth, allowing you to secure more inventory within the same height and width boundaries. Moving from the Fatboy Jr. Extreme to the Fatboy Jr. XL, will take you from a 48 capacity to a 64 capacity for around a $300 price increase… still coming in UNDER the price of the popular Colonial 50.

If you're interested in learning more about how size/capacity can affect cost, when buying a safe, we've got you covered. Check out this helpful blog and video to learn more!

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The Fatboy Extreme 64 is where you will notice the biggest step up in features within this Liberty Safe series.

So what sets The Fatboy Extreme 64 apart? First let’s start with its fire-rating. Unlike its siblings in the Fatboy series, the Fatboy Extreme 64 comes with a 110 minute fire-rating and added cool pockets in its door panel. Right off the bat, that puts this safe ahead of other Liberty series such as the Colonial and USA, in being suitable for securing more heat sensitive items such as cash, documents, photos, etc. It’s still not IDEAL fire protection like you get with the Lincoln series and above, BUT it is a major upgrade for gun enthusiasts who want to get the MOST use from their gun safes. The Fatboy Extreme 64 also comes with an upgraded Pro Logic lock (allowing for multiple user codes), more locking bars, an upgraded multi-power outlet, and an upgraded Monster Mech locking mechanism (unlike its Jr Extreme and Jr XL siblings that come standard with the same cam drive locking mechanism as the Colonial, USA, and Centurion model safes). This upgraded locking mechanism is generally a feature only associated with Liberty’s higher end safes like their Lincoln Series.

By now, if you’ve started picking up on the similarities between the Colonial and Fatboy series...you are definitely on to something!

If you’ve done any research on Liberty’s Colonial series, you will notice that there are a lot of similarities between Colonial and Fatboy safes when it comes to their specifications. Because of this, the Colonial 50 and Fatboy Extreme 64 are actually the two safes that our customers go back and forth on the most, through their buying process. Ultimately, if you want the most capacity and height, the Colonial 50 will be your best option, but if you value more interior storage options, fire protection, and security features, the Fatboy Extreme 64 is the way to go. For anyone interested in diving deeper into these two safes...we’ve done a product comparison between them that can hopefully help you make your decision.

Check out this helpful article and video comparing the Colonial 50 and Fatboy Extreme 64.

(EDIT: In 2022, Liberty updated the Fatboy Extreme 64 to a 110 minute fire rating.)

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There can be pros and cons to any safe depending on what your needs and priorities may be. In a nutshell, the Fatboy series is going to give you the best capacity, design, and price for any gun owner with a growing collection. You will have options that are in line with Liberty’s Colonial series, and well above their USA and Centurion series; however, the Fatboy features and fire-ratings (as well as price) are still well below what you will get with Liberty’s Lincoln series and above.

If you’ve got more questions, as to how things like capacity, manufacturing, and features affect the cost of your safe, click the image below for some more helpful content.

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As much as we hope this breakdown of Liberty’s Fatboy series safes helps you make the best buying decision, one of the most helpful things you can do is simply stop by any of our Spartan Safe showrooms and see these safes in person. Our amazing staff are trained and ready to help you find the safe that meets your needs and your budget. 

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