The Lincoln Series: Liberty's Best Value Buy

Let's get straight to the point here... a Lincoln Series safe, from Liberty, is the BEST value safe you can buy.

Yes, that is technically our opinion, but years in the industry along with customer feedback is what pushed us in this direction. Simply put, the combination of its fire and security features, factory installed accessory upgrades, and price tag are what give a Lincoln safe its edge on the competition.

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The Lincoln series by Liberty is the consumer's entry point into their higher end safes. If you're researching some of Liberty's cheaper lines such as the Centurion, USA, or Colonial models, you will quickly notice they don't come with many (if any) factory installed accessory upgrades. A Lincoln series safe will come with these upgrades, straight from the factory:

  • Interior LED lighting

  • Upgraded power outlet

  • Dehumidifying rod

  • Jewelry drawer

  • Deluxe door panel with cool pockets

  • UL listed Prologic lock

  • Velour interior

  • 5 spoke handle

A Lincoln safe is also going to give you access to Liberty's higher end and more diverse exterior color options; however, keep in mind that exterior finishes do affect price. For example the gloss exterior finish is around $400 more than the basic textured finish. If finish is not a concern for you, our advice is to go with the black, bronze, or granite textured finished (same options as the Liberty Colonial series) and get the most value for your money!

Just the accessory upgrades that come standard on a Lincoln (not including the handle) would cost over $600 to add to Liberty's cheaper models... BUT the Lincoln's value really comes into play with its fire rating and security features. Remember, when buying a safe, you can always add accessories, but you can't add capacity or steel. You'll want to make sure your safe meets the size and safety needs for any item you plan to protect.

For more information on how features and accessories affect the cost of your safe, check out these two helpful articles below!



Apart from the added factory installed accessories, just the construction of a Liberty Lincoln safe is a major upgrade. With a recently upgraded 10 gauge steel roll form body, 3/8" military style locking bars, four-sided bolt coverage, upgraded Monster Mech locking mechanism, dual re-locking bars and upgraded hard plate to prevent drill and pry attacks, and a 120 minute fire rating... A thief would need a body temperature well over 1200 degrees, an industrial saw, and a lot of time on their hands in order to break into this safe.

Not sure about you, but we haven't seen anyone meeting that description recently.

The most important question to ask yourself when deciding which safe is best for you is, "What will I store in my safe?"

The reason this question is so important is because you can't change capacity or fire rating on a safe, so you need to make sure you prioritize the right things when purchasing. Take the Liberty Fatboy Extreme 64 for example; the Fatboy Extreme 64 offers maximum storage capacity (one of the highest capacities in the Liberty Safe line), but it touts a smaller 90 minute fire rating, fewer factory installed accessories, and smaller locking bars. It wins the capacity contest in this price range, but falls short on fire and security features as compared to the Lincoln 25. The Lincoln 25 is going to offer a higher fire rating of 120 minutes, more factory installed accessories, and larger locking bars... but it falls short of even half the Fatboy Extreme's storage capacity. Both are great safes that serve two very different priorities among safe owners, and with only a small difference in price, it’s important to prioritize what you’re looking for in a safe before purchasing!

This comparison still just proves the value that comes with the Lincoln series...and the Lincoln 25 to be more specific. Because, unless capacity is your only priority, the Lincoln 25 will outclass any Liberty safe below it, with its list of specs, features, and included accessories.

For more information on the Liberty Lincoln 25, check out this short video below!

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If you're now thinking about what more Liberty has to offer with even bigger fire ratings and better security features than the Lincoln, you'll want to check out their National Security and Presidential series. Love the Lincoln, but it's not quite in your budget? Check out the Colonial series by Liberty. 

As always, we hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or give your local showroom a call.

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