The Liberty Centurion Series: Security on a Budget

Need a way to keep firearms and valuables secured away from guests, children, or intruders... but not trying to break the bank? A safe from Liberty's Centurion series is going to be your best bet for quick access security on a budget.

A lot of first time gun owners realize they need a way to secure their firearms from children, intruders, etc. but they aren't really sure where to start or how much to spend. Because of this, sometimes they prefer to buy a smaller more budget friendly safe as their first purchase, and then upgrade later as their collections of firearms or valuables grow. A Centurion Safe, by Liberty, is going to be a great solution for anyone in this boat... needing quick access security on the cheap!

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A Centurion safe will come standard with these features. Keep in mind, there are also plenty of  accessories you can purchase to add many features that may not come standard. Also the list below is based off of the loaded Centurion 24, which has a few more features than the smaller Centurion 12 and Centurion 18.

  • 30-40 Minute Fire Rating

  • Factory Installed Door Panel

  • Single plate drill protection

  • 14 Gauge Steel Body

  • UL Listed SecuRam Lock

  • Two-sided Locking Bar Protection

  • Dual Flex Interior

For an in-depth look at what the Centurion 12 offers, as Liberty's most budget friendly option, check out this helpful product review.

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Again, the most attractive thing about the Centurion is simply the price. Most customers buy a Centurion as a starter safe, or even a secondary safe for a vacation home, hunting cabin, man-cave or she-shed, etc. The Centurion is not designed to house your most valuable irreplaceable possessions, as its security features and fire ratings are not the most impressive. Centurion series safes are designed for quick access security on a budget. When it comes to security and fire-protection, SOMETHING is definitely better than nothing, so it's not ever a bad thing to buy a starter or secondary safe, you may just find yourself ready for an upgrade at some point. 

If you have heat sensitive items or valuables that you would truly say are irreplaceable, we would recommend you take a look at something with a 90 minute or more fire rating such as the Fatboy Extreme 64, or any safe from the Lincoln Series and above. However, if you are happy with these security features and fire ratings, have a lower budget, but are also interested in a safe with more capacity... you will want to check out Liberty's USA and Colonial series safes!

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Another selling point for the Centurion safes comes from some customers who have been in the market for a home safe, but are shopping with a lower budget or whose priorities are more about space and access, and less about hefty fire and security features. This is why it's so important to know what is MOST important to you when shopping for a safe. The Centurion comes in smaller capacity sizes (Centurion 12 and Centurion 18) which have very similar dimensions as some home safes... but at a FRACTION of the price. A main reason for the price difference is that most home safes are designed to pack the most features into a small space, meaning their fire ratings and security features will be massively upgraded as compared to a Centurion safe. So if your priorities are fire and security features and you are limited on space, you could be a prime candidate for a home safe. BUT if you are more concerned with getting security on a budget, the Centurion could be the perfect safe for you.

To learn more about how things like fire ratings and security features impact the cost of your safe, check out this helpful article and video!


If you're now thinking about what more Liberty has to offer with even bigger fire ratings and better security features than the Centurion, you'll want to check out their USA, Colonial and Lincoln series. Limited on space and looking for more features than the Centurion has to offer? Check out some of Liberty's great home safes HERE!

As always, we hope this article has been helpful. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us or give your local showroom a call.

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