Is a Colonial Safe right for me?

Here at Spartan, some of our best selling safes are from the Colonial series by Liberty. Once released, the Colonial quickly became popular due its superior fire rating and security features when compared to other safes in its same price range.

Liberty models “below” the Colonial (such as the Centurion and USA), are designed more for consumers that need SOME type of protection but are limited on budget. Often, the price is right, but the specs may leave you wanting an upgrade at some point. That’s where the Colonial comes in. The Colonial is for the consumer that wants above entry-level protection and security features, but generally isn’t interested in paying for “all the bells and whistles,” like factory installed accessories. Another advantage to the Colonial’s straight to the punch design, is that you aren’t limited to the factory’s accessory choices, and you can customize your safe with the accessories that fit your needs best.

Now...let’s talk FEATURES!

The Colonial beats out Liberty’s entry level safes (such as the Centurion and USA series) on several fronts...the first being fire-rating. With 75 minutes of fire-protection, the Colonial is really where you need to start, if you want peace of mind in the event of a fire. Our safe specialists would suggest that a 75 minute fire rating is perfect for storing firearms and other valuables that may not be as heat sensitive as others.

With this series of safes, another value-add feature is bolt coverage. A Colonial is going to be your most affordable option that still offers FOUR-sided locking bolt coverage. Having locking bolts on not just the sides of your safe, but also the top and bottom, is going to make it MUCH harder for someone to break into your locked safe. The Colonial series is also equipped with triple layer drill protection as well as a roll-form body...again making it stronger and more secure against a break-in. These features, such as bolt coverage, drill protection, and body type are all features generally assigned to your higher-end models, such as the Lincoln series and above...but with the Colonial, again, you get a much lower price.


If you’re still wondering whether or not the Colonial features are best for your needs and budget, check out our blog on how different features affect cost, when buying a safe...or feel free to watch this video.



The last big selling point of the Liberty Colonial series is simply its the Colonial 50 is the largest capacity Liberty Safe you can buy, at the cheapest price. Although the Colonial 50 gets its name from the ability to store up to 50 long guns, its size and features (including an adjustable interior and factory installed door panel) make this safe not just suitable for firearm storage, but great for protecting other items as well. Also, due to capacity, chances are it’s taller than you, and most customers LOVE its eye-level storage. You may not think this is a huge deal, but once you see a Colonial 50 in person, and realize you don’t have to bend down to access everything in your safe, you may be surprised at how much you value that convenience! 


If you’ve got more questions, as to how size and capacity can affect the price of your safe...we’ve covered that too right HERE!


Now, if you’ve looked into Liberty’s cheaper options from their Centurion and USA series, you’ve probably noticed, they only come in one exterior finish. Some customers are ok with fewer options due to price...however we know others love options. Although Liberty generally saves multiple exterior finishes as an option on their high end guessed it...the Colonial comes in different exterior finishes as well, with gloss, textured, and marble options.


So what’s the catch?


Well, with the Colonial, as mentioned above, you won’t get certain factory installed accessories such as upgraded power outlets, LED lighting, dehumidifiers, etc. The Colonial series is also manufactured with a secure, but entry level, direct drive cam locking mechanism...the same locking system as the less impressive Centurion and USA models from Liberty. Also, yes, its fire-rating is better than Centurion and USA models...BUT 75 minutes is still less time than what we would suggest to protect something truly valuable or irreplaceable from fire damage. For adequate fire protection, better security features, an upgraded locking mechanism, as well as factory installed accessories…we would suggest checking out Liberty’s Lincoln series and above.

As much as we hope this breakdown of Liberty’s Colonial series safes, helps you make the best buying of the most helpful things you can do is simply stop by any of our Spartan Safe showrooms and see these safes in person. Our amazing staff are trained and ready to help you find the safe that meets your needs and your budget. 


Click HERE to find the nearest Spartan Safe showroom, and we hope to see you soon!

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