How Much Does a Safe Cost?

Here at Spartan, we want to make buying a safe, an easy process, and we know that there is A LOT to consider one of the main things being, “How much is this gonna cost?” So that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this video. 

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There are several things that affect how much a safe is going to cost, the first one simply being its use? What are you securing? Who are you trying to keep out? 

The next things are size, and specs. How big of a safe do you need? And what quality are you looking for in terms of fire protection and security?

Apart from size and specs, you’ll also want to think through what features mean the most to you, if you want any accessories, and also where your safe is manufactured. All of these factors will impact the cost of your safe.

Now, at Spartan we deliver and install thousands of safes each year, and we know just how hard it is to move a safe... so trust me when I say, you’ll also want to consider professional delivery and installation.

The last thing to consider is, most safes will come with some type of warranty but it’s always good to know that purchasing an extension is also an option.

Now we know at this point, you may have even more questions...and that’s why we will be diving deeper into how each of these areas affect the cost of your safe. 

Keep an eye out for more videos in this series and we’ll see you soon online or at a Spartan Safe showroom near you!


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