How does Where It's Made affect the cost of a safe?

Where your safe is manufactured has a big impact on cost.

A lot of safe manufacturers pride themselves on offering products made in the USA; however, you may pay more for domestic safes - simply because of the higher cost of materials and labor.

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In some cases, you can compare two safes with similar dimensions, specs, and features, and see that one is cheaper; simply because it is an imported product.

Once you start getting over the $1200 range, you’ll have a harder time finding an import that can match the quality of a USA-made safe.

We know that for most of our customers, buying a product that is made in the USA is very important, which is why we keep a large inventory of USA-made American Security, Browning, and Rhino safes in stock. But, for customers who are more interested in lower prices and sometimes better availability, an imported safe may be the way to go. 

In most cases, even manufacturers that are known for their USA-made products will offer certain imported safes as well.

As with all safes, do your research. Not all safes built in the USA are great, and not all imported safes are bad.

We hope to see you online or in a Spartan Safe showroom near you!

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