How do Accessories affect the cost of a safe?

There are many different accessories you can add to any safe in order to customize it to your specific wants and needs. Some common accessories include door organizers, jewelry drawers, power outlets, dehumidifier rods, and LED lighting.

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Now - if you are spending $2500 or more, your safe will likely include the majority of these accessories from the factory. However, safes in the $600-$2500 range generally include fewer factory-installed accessories. This allows you to customize (personalize) based on what matters to you.

For example, a deluxe power outlet can be purchased for $35-$40. LED lighting packages run around $120-$130, and dehumidifying rods are around $20. At Spartan, we bundle these popular accessories together for a price of $175 that includes installation of the outlet and LED lights. If we are shipping your safe, we do not install the LED lights, as they can be damaged during shipping.  

Once you include the cost of added accessories, you may find that buying a safe that includes these factory upgrades is the best deal for you. 

Feel free to reach out to us with any questions about safes or accessories. We hope to see you online or in a Spartan Safe showroom near you!


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