Browning ProSteel Safes: Experience puts the Pro in ProSteel

Browning ProSteel Safes

Imagine a world where people in charge of car manufacturing had never driven a car...or a scenario where a contractor, building a luxury garage, only had experience with car ports. For purchases or builds like these, we would obviously want an expert, not someone just giving it their best try. Well, in the world of gun safes, Browning is what we like to EXPERT! Browning ProSteel Safes are expert gun safes made by expert gun manufacturers.

If you have grown up around firearms, chances are Browning is already a household name; but even if you are new to the world of firearms, it won't take long before you hear the name Browning. There's also a STRONG chance that you regularly see their name or famous "buck" logo on a hat, the back window of a truck, tattooed on someone's shoulder...and now you guessed it, some INCREDIBLE gun safes.


Need more help understanding just how popular Browning is...well surprise!!! Winchester products are also manufactured under the umbrella of the Browning name For hunters, gun owners, and general outdoorsmen alike, there's just no escaping the legacy of the Winchester and Browning brands.

The Browning legacy started back in the late 1800s when John Moses Browning designed what would become the 1885 Winchester falling block rifle. This was the first of many ground breaking products, created by John, that catapulted his career from gun maker to the founder of the Browning Arms Company. Browning prides themselves on the quality, exclusive technology, and design that makes their ProSteel safes easily stand out from the crowd. In other words, the innovation did not stop with John Moses Browning.

When you open a Browning ProSteel safe you will immediately see where their decades of expertise comes into play.  The Browning company remains a game changer within any industry they touch. For a gun owner, Browning safes are a dream, because they solve major storage issues and offer a level of rugged convenience that no one else offers. 

Most Browning ProSteel safes come standard with features like

There are PLENTY more patented features offered by Browning ProSteel safes, some of which will vary, depending on which safe you choose. All these features, however, keep the customer in mind by offering the perfect combination of durability, security, and convenience.

For example, the modular shelving isn't covered in fabric, so there is no need to worry about tears, stains, etc. Not only do these safes offer plenty of rifle rack storage options, they also offer secure rifle storage right on the door, including spaces designed specifically for optics to remain attached. You will also find convenient options like 180° external hinges as well as upgraded design features like leather or wood interior options.

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Even though Browning ProSteel safes are designed with the gun owner in mind, the fire ratings and security features also make their safes great options to protect other valuables. They manufacture several home safe options as well that offer more convenient storage options for jewelry, documents, cash, etc. while still offering a few small options for firearm storage, depending on the size.

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Spartan Safe is proud to carry this great American brand, and we hope you'll be able to find the perfect Browning safe for your home! If you are interested in seeing one of these amazing Browning safes in person, we have Spartan Safe showrooms all across the US. Your best bet is to give your local showroom a call and see if the model you want to see is on our showroom floor. If not, feel free to give our online shopping experience a try!

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