Browning Pro Series Deluxe: Product Review

The Browning Pro Series Deluxe is a line of Browning guns safes that are EXCLUSIVE to certain dealers (along with their other Pro Series lines)...and we happen to be one of them! Browning’s Pro Series Deluxe safes are the perfect combination of strength, functionality, and design. Keep reading to see if one of these may be the perfect safe for you!

Browning ProSteel safes have several great lines, but their Pro Series Deluxe is one of our favorites because it has something for everyone. Browning safes are unique in that they understand and cater to the needs of gun owners. With a quick glance at their interior options, features, and capacity selections, you can tell they are a great option for any gun owner.

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Browning ProSteel Safes


Browning's Pro Series Deluxe line of safes are manufactured in these capacity options...

Deluxe Series (1)

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You can easily see that this line offers size configurations to adequately secure most collections of firearms and/or valuables. One unique feature of Browning Pro Series Deluxe dimensions is the depth and width ratio. These safes are designed with a wider footprint and more shallow depth, so they can fulfill large capacity needs without extending too far out into the spaces where they are being installed.

So, let's dive into FEATURES...

Browning's Pro Series Deluxe line falls right in the middle of their Pro Series with enough features to impress and a price tag that we think is well worth it. All Browning Pro Series Deluxe safes come standard with these features…

Browning Pro Series Deluxe safes are basically a gun owner or hunter’s dream. When you open a Pro Series Deluxe safe, you will immediately notice the interior is built to take a beating without showing wear and tear. The interior design also takes into account different ways of storing rifles, pistols, etc. and is built with complete functionality in mind. You will be able to utilize every inch of this safe, ensuring that your firearms and/or valuables aren’t disorganized or stacked on top of each other…they are as organized as they are secure.

What about the fire rating?

The fire rating on the Pro Series Deluxe is also something to take note of. Many safe manufacturers determine their fire ratings based on a temperature of 1200°F, but the Browning Pro Series Deluxe is rated at 1680°F. When comparing safes, keep in mind fire protection that is rated at a higher temperature is a much better fire rating.

Based on its fire rating, we would feel comfortable recommending a Browning Pro Series Deluxe safe for not just firearms, but also heat sensitive valuables such as cash, photos, documents, etc. The Pro Series Deluxe's standard modular shelving also has plenty of shelving accessory options to allow for easy storage of jewelry, documents, etc.

Now for the part we've all been waiting for...

So how much does a Browning Pro Series Deluxe safe cost? Well, that depends on a few factors like model size, exterior finish, added accessories, etc. If you are familiar at all with Liberty Safe products, the Browning Pro Series Deluxe is going to be similar in price and features to Liberty's Lincoln series. We consider the Lincoln series to be Liberty's best value buy, and we can confidently say the same about Browning's Pro Series Deluxe safes. When you take into account the security features, fire rating, capacity sizes, and factory included's easy to see what a value buy these safes are.

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The Lincoln Series Liberty’s Best value Buy


If you want the look and feel of your safe to match its level of security and functionality, a Browning Deluxe Pro series safe is the way to go!

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Spartan Safe is proud to carry this great American Browning brand, and we hope you'll be able to find the perfect Browning safe for your home! If you are interested in seeing one of these amazing Browning safes in person, we have Spartan Safe showrooms all across the US. Your best bet is to give your local showroom a call and see if the model you want to see is on our showroom floor. If not, feel free to give our online shopping experience a try!

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