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How does Delivery and Installation affect the cost of a safe?

Delivery and installation are big parts of the safe buying process. Especially if the extra cost is a surprise to you at checkout.

At this point, most safe retailers offer free pickup; however, unless you’ve moved safes before or have some specialized equipment and an appropriate vehicle, pickup may not be the best option for you. 

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What Impacts the Cost of a Safe?

Whether you spend most of your time at home or out of town, safeguarding your possessions is always a priority. From precious family heirlooms, sentimental home valuables, or even your firearm collection, nothing can keep your valuables protected quite like a home safe or a gun safe. However, as helpful and protective gun safes and home safes are, buying a safe isn’t always an easy process, especially when you consider what impacts the cost of a safe.

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How do Accessories affect the cost of a safe?

There are many different accessories you can add to any safe in order to customize it to your specific wants and needs. Some common accessories include door organizers, jewelry drawers, power outlets, dehumidifier rods, and LED lighting.

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How does Size affect the cost of a safe?

Safe manufacturers used to measure size by cubic feet, similar to refrigerators, but as safes became more common in retail stores, the cubic feet measurement was confusing to consumers. So a lot of companies began measuring their safes by long gun capacity. 

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How does Use affect the cost of a safe?

So when considering how much your safe will cost, an important thing to think through is “How will You use your safe?" Specifically, what are you securing inside, and where will your safe be installed?

For example, most people securing jewelry, documents, or cash typically choose to maximize space with a smaller home safe that could easily fit in a closet, cabinet, or on a shelf. 

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How Much Does a Safe Cost?

Here at Spartan, we want to make buying a safe, an easy process, and we know that there is A LOT to consider one of the main things being, “How much is this gonna cost?” So that’s exactly what we are going to discuss in this video. 

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